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Chapters by Age

The key ages at which most parents have questions about their baby are newborns, 6 weeks old, 3 months old, 4 months old, 6 months old, 9 months old and 12 months old.

Each of these ages is given a whole chapter, and is offered a sample routine, as well as detailed information on feeding, waketime activities and sleeping.

At the end of each of these chapters, there are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Some questions that are answered include:

My baby is 4 weeks old. He seems to have his days and nights mixed up!

My 6 weeks old is still so sleepy, I can't keep him awake after a feed. But then he wakes up during his nap and won't settle!

My 3 month old suddenly seems extra hungry. Does this mean that I have suddenly lost my milk?

My 4 month old is waking around 45 minutes into his nap every time. I have tried getting him up for a feed, but he isn't hungry. Should I just let him cry until his next feed?

My 6 month old baby wants to be carried around all the time. When I put her down, she just cries until I pick her up again. Now I am getting a sore back! What can I do?

My 9 month old has suddenly acquired separation anxiety! He won't go to anyone but me - even Grandma!

My little one is now 15 months. We have had lots of disruptions in our household, and the wheels have fallen off! We have lost our routine, our day sleeps, and our happy baby - where do we start to get him back?