Calm Baby     Confident Mum

Crying and Settling:
What do I DO when my Baby Cries?

Subjects discussed in this chapter include:

  1. How Do I Know they are Crying Because They are Hungry?

  2. Stop, Think, Act, Pray

  3. Food? Or Sleep?

  4. The Writing's on...the Fridge!

  5. Midnight Corridors and Washing Machines

  6. Checking the Supply Line

  7. How Much Crying is Too Much?

  8. The Town Crier

  9. Checking With the Doc

  10. Dummies, Thumbs and Super Suckers

  11. Help! My Baby Cries Every Evening!

  12. Fussy Time and Arsenic Hour

  13. When the Milk Goes Slow

  14. Cluster Feeding

  15. Eat While the Meal is Hot

  16. Relaxing in a Hot Tub (the Baby, that is!)

  1. Cutting to the Chase: Settling Baby

  2. Unsettled Sleeps

  3. Unsettled Waketimes

  4. Reflux, Colic and Tresillian

  5. Reflux - Behavioural or Medical?

  6. Colic - a Disease or a Symptom?

  7. Tresillian - Necessary?