Calm Baby     Confident Mum

Will your new Baby be Calm?
Can you be a
Confident Mum?

In this easy to read book, you will find tips and suggestions to help you achieve that Calm Baby, so that you can be a Confident Mum. From newborns, through to the first birthday, you can read about feeding your baby, putting your baby to sleep, and playing with your baby.

  1. When we were expecting our first baby, we watched other parents. So many were tired and frazzled, and their babies cried a lot. Others were calm and confident. What did those parents do differently?

As Simone discovered, many of those calm babies were being managed on a flexible routine. This book will share what Simone, and many other families have discovered: how to manage your baby on a flexible routine, thus creating a Calm Baby, and a Confident Mum.

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