Calm Baby     Confident Mum

When the Sleep Ain’t so Sweet!

Subjects discussed in this chapter include:

  1. How Long Does a Baby Sleep Anyway?

  2. Understanding Sleep Cycles

  3. The Sleepy Baby

  4. When the party Goes On (...and on...)

  5. Can You Wake a Sleeping Baby?

  6. When Grandma Comes to Visit

  1. How Do I Put Them to Sleep?

  2. To Rock or Not to Rock?

  3. The Caterpillar Wrap

  4. Own Bed or Mummy's Bed?

  5. A Drink Before Bed?

  6. When They Protesteth Too Much

  1. How Do I Keep Them Asleep?

  2. When They Wake Early

  3. Resettling Techniques

  4. Going Out

  5. Flexibility

  6. Tip Toe Through the Tulips

  1. Night Owls and Snoozers

  2. When Night is Day

  3. The Snoozer - Stretching Day Sleeps

  4. Expectations Versus Reality

  5. When Hopelessness Sets In

  6. Managing Illness

  7. Managing Baby When He is Sick

  8. Managing Baby When He is Well Again

  9. Dads Need Sleep Too!