Calm Baby Confident Mum

What are people saying about Calm Baby Confident Mum?

Your book has been so helpful for us!  — Ashley

I have just had my 2nd baby and have found your book Calm baby, confident Mum to be very useful this time round. A lot of your suggestions have helped me feel more confident with this baby. Sharon

Just wanted to say the last year would have been IMPOSSIBLE without your book and your encouragement. — Sarah

Thank you for your common sense advice - it has changed my life - it really has made a big impact in a very short time to how I view life. Now I can really enjoy G more and have quality time with N - you're a gem (a godly encouragement for this mum!) THANK YOU! — Karina

I've read and re-read both your book and website. I enjoy reading it and have recommended it to any new mum I know. — Catherine

You're a genius! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Darby

A friend of mine gave me a copy of your book Calm baby, confident Mum
it has been amazing!
— Kay

Love the new book – thankyou! Erica

I was very excited to discover your book – very enjoyable to read and helpful. I felt it gave me a much better plan of how to resettle early wakers. — April

Things have been going really nicely with our ten month old, she is a very settled happy baby, which I mostly credit to your great book over these months.


I recently brought your book & the Terrific Toddlers books. I wish I had the book for my other children as it was easy to read, understand and apply.

— Catherine

I've recommended your book to all the new mums at my church and they've all got a copy! They find it really useful and practical, and love the info you gave.


Your book is very easy to read and find information, and I LOVE the ring binder. I am able to read it while breastfeeding, a feat in itself for me!! Any way, thank you for passing on your wisdom to others, and for encouraging mothers in the job that God has given them to do.  — Tara

Your book has been great in terms of helping me stick to a routine  Michelle

May I begin by thanking you for writing Calm Baby Confident Mum - I have found it invaluable as a new mum and I've recommended it to many people!

— Louise

I don’t know how I got through the first years of E’s life without support books like yours. I would like to thank you for a fantastic book. I find useful information every day as my baby’s needs change. Auriela

I have really enjoyed your book and found your tips to be very helpful — Leanne

A friend of mine purchase the book for me a few months ago and I have read it from cover to cover and found a lot of useful information. Thank you - it really helped me with putting him on a flexible routine. Annabel

I just finished reading your book and think it is clear concise and helpful,
thank you.
— Emma

Thank-you so much for your advice! You have the ability to make me feel like we are doing just fine! Were you as clueless as I am when you had your kids??
If so, then there is hope for me yet! 

Thank you so much! I feel so much more in control now.
I SO appreciate your advice!

I am really encouraged and spurred on by your book and help via emails.
Thank you.